7 ways to build strong teams

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7 ways to build strong tech teams - a guide

Tech companies keep searching to hire the best talents. We are all aware of it, but then what happens after they are hired? How do you empower them to master their craft? 

It begins from the top along with how they are nurtured and led. 

So read on to know how to build strong tech teams for your company. Let’s dive into the most important factor which is leading the team for your company you are thriving to build. 

Managing is easier today but leading them and keeping them at the top of their game gets challenging, may it be the output or innovation. 

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Fostering growth:

Fostering growth is to tap into the true potential of your team, particularly, engineers and the folks closest to solving the problems. You would have definitely known that the best of the insights or innovations came from the best of the engineers.                                                                                             You can start by being transparent about your requirements and this builds trust. 

Imbibing the ownership mentality:

Ownership comes when people are motivated! 

You need to make sure that your team gets clear about the common goals everyone of you are striving to achieve. This makes sure that the team members take ownership and voila, they stay motivated, also transparency and accountability happens on their own. 

You also need to provide the space for your folks to work and when they are provided this opportunity, the team gets proactive to achieve their goals. After all, ownership is about outcomes, and not outputs. 

Preparing your team for transformations:

Change is always constant! There is digital transformation and cultural transformation, it’s a huge challenge to prepare your team for all the upcoming drastic changes.  

How do you do this? One way is to have hack days. 

Every time you get to know a new technology, you can have hack days where your engineers can take a business oriented problem and match it with some disruptive technology or a totally new approach to solving that issue. 

This builds confidence and a better experience with the new concept. 

Keeping your team motivated for new challenges:

The most tried and tested way to make your team stay motivated until the end is to celebrate small wins. It may sound funny or trivial but this has a drastic effect on the performance of your team. Every time, or everyday a task gets done well or a phase of the project gets completed you can celebrate such small achievements.

If you keep everything to the end, the people might start feeling burnout when they start getting closer to the completion phase 

reaching goals

Communicating your goals to your team:

You can communicate in either ways – this is where we are going to be in five years or this is where we are going to be in the next year and the next and so on. The major difference is that in the latter, you communicate on the elements you need to focus at the present, rather than a distant goal. 

As an efficient manager, one needs to break your BIG goal into smaller chunks and communicate it effectively with your team.

Tackling the resistance of your team:

“Why are we chasing this new fad?” There is always this person who is resistant to any kind of change and usually this person could be working the longest and the one who knows the most about the system. 

Hack days again is the solution! 

But, here the ‘hack’ is to have the together type hack days. This helps in breaking down the barriers and makes sure they are included in every phase of the process. 

Focusing on the why:

Getting your team to adapt to change or transition can be intimidating. So, the idea is to start focusing on the why! Your transition process could be as follows:

  • Why we are doing this
  • How we are going to do this
  • This is what we are going to do

Once the ‘why’ gets into place, the how falls into place by developing skills and the knowledge necessary for the much needed transformation. 

All the above mentioned steps to build strong tech teams are just scratching the surface and you have a long way to go once you start executing each and every phase. Also, you need to remember that to build strong tech teams, it takes days to get the hit. 

Remember, Rome was not built in a day!